How to create a beautiful blond color

Watch the step-by-step on how to create a beautiful blond color using GOLD Haircare with air-touch technique, toning, overlay and styling by Sabo A…

Coral hair color

Create a wonderful Coral hair color using GOLD Haircare True Pigments by Sabo Akrey.

How to style your natural curls

Easy way to how you can style your natural curls and get them to come alive again, with using GOLD Haircare Ten in One and Curl Cream.

How to get smooth hair

A quick step by step on how to get natural smooth hair using Gold Haircare Delicius Foundation a Wet brush with a hairdryer and end with Smoothing …

Styling & Updo

Updos for everyday and party - you learn them all in a course with us.

Balayage 2

Do you want to take your balayage techniques to a new level? 

Prom & Wedding

Learn to fix the trendiest prom and bridal sets right now!

Balayage 1

Start working with easy, classical balayage techniques - quick to apply and with perfect results.